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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 15, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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another one for comedians because i felt like it was a bad thing to do. >> robert and pete, thanks, guys. that's going to wrap things up for us this morning. but the conversation continues online. find us on facebook or twitter at cnnbottomline. find me,@christineromans. keep an eye out for my new book with ali velshi, it's called "how to speak money." have a great weekend, everybody. good morning, everybody. welcome to our special live version of cnn saturday morning. i'm t.j. holmes coming to you from the vegan strip. in particular, the venetian hotel on the vegas strip. this is the site of the cnn hosted republican debate coming up next tuesday. i'm joined this morning by my good friend and colleague, keeping things in check for us t cnn center, alina cho.
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>> good morning, t.j. this is cnn saturday morning. 10:00 a.m. in atlanta and still a very early 7:00 a.m. in los angeles. where you are t.j. and there's a lot to talk about. >> this venetian hotel will be the sight of the republican debate that with him be hosting next week. but already, one of the candidates is boycotting the cnn debate and several others of the candidates are actually going to be boycotting the nevada caucuses. we'll get into that more in just a moment. but if i just ask you to take a moment right now, folks b, and what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of las vegas? there's a couple of landmarks, and that famous vegas sign that says welcome to the fabulous las
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vegas that's not the first thing they're thinking about here in this area. metro areas with at least a million people and unemployment rates. 14.2%, the state of nevada, 13.4% unemployment. and the foreclosure rates right here in the las vegas area, highest in the country. it's been that way for the past four years. now, i can spit out numbers and statistics to you, but there's another reality that you can hear from the people on the ground. they don't need to hear statistics. they can look out on the strip and tell you, something is wrong. >> living here, locals, we don't go up to the strip. we don't bother with it. >> what was your hay day as far as driving a cab here? you've been doing it nine years here. when was it just at the height where you were raking in cash? >> 2004, '5, '6. >> when it's good in vegas, it's good. >> oh, yeah.
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it's so good that i gave my daughter a gift free education on her bachelor's and master's. i bought her a new car, with took a four year loan out on it and paid it off in 19 months, paid my regular bills and still paid money. >> you did all that driving a cab here? >> that's how good it was. >> do you think a lot of people outside of las vegas and maybe even people in vegas, we have this impression that, oh, that's america's playground. people go out and just blow money. >> 60% to 65% of the job market is the strip and local recession. the recession kicked in, the strip got slow and they laid off thousands. they thousands couldn't find work, they started losing their homes. construction started slowing down. these people start losing their jobs. they start losing their homes. foreclosures have gotten so bad, it's now one in every seven homes in the state of nevada. >> do you think people don't get it sometimes, how bad you hurt?
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>> oh, they don't. the strip will be busy to them. we know it's not. i'll use an example. we had one new year's eve, i tell them, if you came here and you saw a quarter of a million people, would you think it was busy? they say yeah, it was jam packed. i said the year before, it was 320,000. you're talking 70,000 cuts. that's a lot. >> that's the reality here in las vegas from a cab drivers. many can give you those similar stories. i'm joined now by tim williams. he's the local director nor the dop here in clark county where we are. thank you for spending time with us. let me get your reaction at a time when your city, your state is hurting. what's your reaction to hearing some of the candidates, at least five of them, saying they'll boycott the nevada caucuses because of the state that you've picked? >> nevada, las vegas especially,
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clark county, you know, we hate to see that candidates are saying they're going to boycott us. we want everybody to come to vegas. that's what we live on. and when they send a message like that, you know, we hope -- we would rather see them come here and work with us and let us work with them because they've got people here that support them, too. >> their argument is that nevada is sending the message, at least new hampshire sends that argument. for people not familiar, the nevada caucuses are now going to be on the 14th. it doesn't leave a lot of room for new hampshire to have their primary. they're talking about doing theirs in december. why is it so important for nevada to hold on to the date of the 14th? everybody says you can do us all a favor, do it on the 17th. push it back three days. >> do you have to have it on the 14th? >> a lot of the people think we need to be first in the west. a couple years ago, you know, it
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comes back when florida moves their dates. >> we're talking about three days and no other western state is trying to battle you for western supremacy, so you will be the first. why three days? why can't you go through days later? >> that is probably going to be the state, you know, i'm involved at the county level. that's going to be decided at the state level. i know some people wanted to stay at the normal day we've had and some people want to move it up. they're going to have to hash it out and decide, you know, for sure, so that we can do what we fwheed to do down here in clark county. >> why is it important for the state of nevada, clark county, to get that attention from the candidates and get that attention of your caucus? why is that so crucial? >> well, i know personally for me, living both here in vegas and born and raised here, we like to get the attention back here on nevada as a whole and get people coming back to vegas. we have a hard hit economy. we run the highest rates obviously in foreclosures and
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obviously the rate in unemployment. we need people the be focused back on nevada, back on vegas and help us help our economy. >> you heard about some negative attention, this is getting a lot of attention. and thinking, wait a minute, they can't just move it three days? everybody just play nice. are you worried there can be some backlash? bachmann, cain, santorum, huntsman have all come out and said we're not coming to your state. is that disturbing to your citizens? >> i don't know if it's that many. the last time i heard, it was santorum for sure. you know, it's unfortunate. it's unfortunate. i don't know the inner workings of why the different dates and stuff like that. the candidates know that better than we do. but it is unfortunate when we're struggling and we're trying to rebound here in this economy that they would choose this time to boycott us. >> hopefully they can all get it worked out again.
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huntsman said they would boycott our date. it's not up to you, but you're playing a role like so many here. tim williams, thank you so much for taking time here this morning. join us, cnn, the western republican presidential debate from las vegas is coming up your way on tuesday night 8:00 eastern. there it is, the beautiful venetian hotel on the las vegas strip. seven minutes past the hour now. let's turn back to washington, d.c. there's so much talk about the unemployment rate this morning here in nevada. but, of course, unemployment is up across the country. 9.1% across the country. today, they're trying to do something about it in washington, d.c. the march for jobs and justice, reverend al sharpton and his national action network are collecting people. thousands, he says, will go march on washington and try to be heard. i talked to him earlier this morning and he explained to me what the purpose of this march really is. >> it's about jobs. the president's bill is the only
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bill that has been presented that would give 1.9 million jobs. but we are coming by the thousands from around the country on this weekend that we're dedicating martin luther king monument to say you can't make a memorial to dr. king and not deal with what dr. king stood for. >> cnn's athena jones joins me now from washington. good morning to you. the point of a march is not necessarily to find a solution to a problem. it's to highlight the problem itself. >> this march from august, the dedication, and so al sharpton is coming out today with other civil rights leaders to join with them. ben jealous of the naacp. a number of the unions, afl-cio,
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afscme, they're all coming out to try to put pressure on congress to do something about jobs. the event, as the reverend al sharpton said, is to honor martin luther king's legacy. they know that this jobs bill and the package didn't get anywhere in the senate. it was a test vote last week. so they want to put pressure on congress to be heard. they don't think -- they believe that by coming out and marching here, they're planning similar events in 25 other cities. they want congress to pay attention. i spoke with al sharpton before you and he told me -- i asked him what's the most important piece of the legislation that should be passed first? he's focused on infrastructure, funding and funding to resolve pools. he said those two areas would help create jobs fast.
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so that is what they're going to be speaking about today. he said they're expected in thousands. we don't have the exact numbers. it will be interesting to see here, t.j. >> athena jones, thank you, as always. and to our view hers coming up, the gop candidates are courting the hispanic vote out here. who exactly is going to get their support? a big fight for their support going on right now. we will spoke about that when i come back with you. alina. right now, back over to you. >> t.j., thanks so much. meanwhile, it's a key day in the occupy wall street protests and they're playing out all across the country and around the world today. including europe, asia, even australia. back in this country, in san diego, police clashed with protesters who refused to leave a downtown plaza. at one point, officers used pepper spray to break up the crowd. more protesters were
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arrested in seattle, washington, where police in lie yot gear took away 41 people. protests are heating up overseas in italy. the black smoke you see there is from cars set on fire by demonstrators in rome furious about how politicians have handled the economic crisis. reuters is reporting about 100,000 protesters are expected to rally in rome. a part of the president's new health care plan is getting scratched off the overall program. the obama administration dropped the long-term care insurance program that originally had been included. the administration says it can't move forward with the community living assistance services and support for class act because of worries about the overall cost. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says they tried for 19 months to find a way to make it work financially, but simply couldn't. an attack this morning on a u.s. base in afghanistan, police
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say those attacks were carried out by four insurgents just before dawn. all four attackers were killed. there were at least two civilian casualties. the taliban is claiming responsibility. president obama is sending about 100 u.s. troops to africa. their mission is to help soldiers in uganda chase down the leader of the feared guerilla group, the lord's resistance army. the lra is blamed for horrific atrocities including thousands of apes, murders and kidnappings. a federal appeal escort temporarily blocked key parts of alabama's tough immigration law, at least until they decide whether that law is constitutional. most notably, the move stopped public schools from checking the immigration status of students. but police will be required to check someone's immigration status when they are stopped or
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arrested if the officer assesses that they're in the country illegally. t.j., back to you. and i am here at the beautiful las vegas strip. we are here for a reason. a lot happening here in negative, and a lot happening in las vegas in particular. everyone here in the state is going to be courting the hispanic vote. what can they do to get those voters? i'm standing by with one guest who is going to help me with that. stay with us. cnn saturday morning continues in just a moment. that makes a chocolate so smooth and creamy, you don't just taste it, you feel it. ♪ do you believe in magic? ♪ ♪ it's magic ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a comfort that comes from the only caramel worthy of being wrapped in gold. ♪ do you believe in magic? [ male announcer ] werther's original caramel chocolate. what comfort tastes like.
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welcome back to cnn saturday morning. we are here on the las vegas strip in front of the venetian hotel because we will be having the republican debate here. this state, nevada, 25% of the population is hispanic. h hispanic voters will be a keep in the presidential election. standing by with me now, the state senator from this area, a democrat, can the hispanic voters turn an election for these candidates? >> yes. we've seen it for many of these voters. definitely, they can do it. >> what do you think? we're talking on the republican side because this is a big story right now. isn't a disservice being done to this state? i know you're a democrat, but
7:18 am
still, are voters being denied access to these candidates if they start boycotting the state and the caucuses because of when the gop has decided to have their caucuses? is a disservice being done? >> well, i think that nevada, we always are strive to go be relevant and to be part of the discussion. i think we represent the country better than anybody because of the diversity of the people that come here. >> it sounds like you're saying this is a missed opportunity, possibly. >> i would think so, for them. >> now, in some parts, to some degree, do you not mind, as a democrat, seeing the republicans fighting among themselves right now in this whole primary process? >> i think it's an interesting process they go through. i guess they're trying to figure out what they're doing. we move forward and for us, it's a good thing. the issues are out there. we want to talk about the important issues important to us
7:19 am
here in nevada. >> hispanic voters, the issues important to them are the same ones important to everybody else? we're talking about jobs in the country. >> exactly. as you know, the inemployment rate is the highest in the country here and hispanics have the highest percentage of that, of unemployment, if you break it up specifically because of the construction and the hotel drop. >> who is speaking to hispanic voters? whether it's the republican voters or president obama, who do you see and who do they see is speaking to their issues at this point and how much consideration are they giving to these republican candidates? >> well, i think obama has put a lot of emphasis here with the hispanic community. he's doing a better job now than he's done in the past of communicating directly, the kind of things that he's done to help the community and he appears to be listening and i think that's important. on the other side, i don't know that they're really listening and hearing what the important things are for this community.
7:20 am
>> now, of course, as a democrat, you're supposed to say that and they would argue with that. but thank so much for hosting us in your city, mo denis. we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. and i'm going to be coming up here in just a moment with our paul steinhauser. there is someone who is going to be boycotting the cnn debate. he is skipping out on the cnn debate. we'll let you know which of those republicans won't be on stage and exactly why. my conversation with our deputy political director paul steinhauser is coming up in just a moment. >> t.j., thank you very much. we look forward to that. are you over 50 and looking to change careers? cnn money is listing the top jobs for flexible, social meaning. one thing that caught our attention about this is none of these jobs require an advanced degree. number five, attitututor. private tutoring is in command
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24 minutes after the hour. before the break, i showed you some of the best jobs for people over the age of 50 who are hoping to start a new career. according to cnn money, they include tutor, online marketing writer and energy field auditor. now for the top two, the second best career for someone over the age of 50 apparently is personal trainer. companies and communities are looking for wellness trainers. if you know a thing or two about
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fitness, this could be a good fit. and the number one job tore flexibility, is grant coordinator. a great way to match your job skills to a cause you believe in. and welcome back to the vegas strip. that's the venetian hotel. this is where cnn will be hosting a presidential debate next tuesday. but someone will be missing. one of the candidates called us and said he is skipping out on the cnn debate. paul steinhauser, how dare someone skip out. but he claims he has good reason. >> yeah. and that person is jon punhunts. t.j., this is all politics here at play. huntsman is placing all the chips, a vegas term, on new hampshire. he moved his headquarters up
7:26 am
there. for huntsman, he says he's going to be in solidarity with new hampshire by skipping our nevada debate. nevada moving up its caucus, maybe threatening to move to new hampshire. >> what difference does it make if you go two days, three days before new hampshire? nevada, their caucus is on saturday. then iowa -- excuse me, new hampshire doesn't have any window in there to go between iowa and nevada. >> yeah, yeah. new hampshire feels like it's getting boxed in because iowa said they're going to be on the 3rd, new hampshire on the 14th. they feel like they're boxed in. they feel like they may have to move up to december. so it's up to nevada now. will they move back? i know you have a guest coming up in a few minutes and we may get an answer. >> we're talking about the head of the state gop here. amy is standing by off to the side here and will be joining me in a moment. we'll see if we can get some
7:27 am
answers and the possibility for moving just a three days, so we can all play nice and get this done and nobody has to boycott. paul steinhauser is here with us the rest of the morning. good to always be with you. exactly what do the voters out here want? we'll be talking about presidential politics, talking about the presidential candidates. and that key question, my guest, she is the one, the head of the nevada gop. question number one, is it possible to move the nevada caucuses just a few days? is that possible? the answer, coming up. she's shaking her head to the side already. stick around for that. special edition of cnn saturday morning from the venetian on the las vegas strip. ♪ [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits,
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we are at the bottom of the hour on this special edition of cnn saturday morning. i'm t.j. holmes live from the las vegas strip. in particular, the venetian hotel, the site of next week's republican debate that cnn will be hosting. i'll be talking more about that >> just a moment. and a key person who is playing a role in now what's become a national controversy, alina, is talking about when nevada will hold its caucuses. we've got the head of the state gop to see if everybody can just get along. that's coming up in a moment.
7:31 am
>> including one jon huntsman who says, i'm not coming. we start with the occupy wall street movement. it's a pivotal day in that movement spreading around the globe. demonstrations going on in a number of cities this week. here in the u.s., protesters clash with police at several campsites. dozens arrested in new york, denver and san diego. the son of this man, u.s. born militant cleric an war awlaki is dead. officials say he was killed in a series of drone attacks in yemen. just two weeks ago, al awlaki himself was killed in a drone strike. and harry hadman who played j.r. ewing on dallas is battling cancer. he isn't saying the type of cancer that he has, only that it's a very common and treatable form of the disease. hagman says it will not affect his return to television in the upcoming remake of "dallas."
7:32 am
now back to las vegas, the site of the upcoming gop presidential debate and our t.j. holmes. t.j. >> alina, thank you so much. yes, cnn will be hosting that republican debate right here in las vegas next tuesday. but right now, really, a lot of attention is on the caucus and primary schedule. nevada is now going to be holding its republican caucuses on saturday, january 14th. so because of that, new hampshire is now threatening to have its primary in december, before the holidays. well, joining me now is amy tartanian, a lady who has been in the spotlight and has stirred the pot, is one way to say it. thank you for being here. first thing first, is it even an option, is it even on the table for nevada to switch its caucuses from the 14th back just three days to the 17th? is it even on the table? >> no, it's absolutely not. we're going to stick tour date.
7:33 am
our state is working are really hard in finding their locations. we worked together with the states to make sure that we coordinated and communicated. the new hampshire gop has been fantastic, very supportive. it's the secretary of state who has the end say in this situation. but we reached out to him and he did not return our calls. we did have the governor reach out to him, as well. during that time, he said he did not have his date picked and he said he was going to wait on us. we did exactly that, picked the date. >> you had to have known what your date wag goes to set off. you're familiar with the new hampshire law. why can you all not go three days later which will allow them to take the 10th and still be within their law? >> we want to have ours on a saturday because it's a caucus, it's not a primary. it's a state meeting, if you will, not an actual full blown election. we picked that date. they knew in advance.
7:34 am
and it's set. >> didn't you also know in advance that that was going to be problematic for new hampshire? >> no, absolutely we didn't. we had several conversations with them and they didn't inform us until it was too late. >> are you telling me this is all because of a miscommunication and people not answering the phone and people not calling back? >> communication is key. >> okay. but is this a situation now, don't you understand the predicament they're in, that it's new hampshire, first in the nation's primary, it's not fair for them to have to be squeezed between iowa and nevada? >> sure. but they also asked us to pick a date, so that's what we did. i feel for them and i know that their gop is struggling. but he asked us to pick a date and that's what we did and i don't think it would be fair for nevada to shuffle once again. >> and we're talking about just three days. people at home say why can't you move three days? it's a caucus. it's an all-day thing, it's easier to do on a saturday. >> absolutely.
7:35 am
>> and you use the schools, the high schools, school is out on a saturday and you need those locations. >> right. >> if you had to move to a tuesday, isn't it possible, though, you could find churches, you could find other areas to hold these things? but is that the lesser issue, the bigger issue is just getting the people to take a day off work or whatever they might have to do on a tuesday? >> well, sure. but this whole chain of events started with florida jumping. and the new hampshire secretary of state once again said he was going to hold out. so we picked our date. south carolina picked theirs. we didn't want to infringe on their date, so we were thoughtful, i thought, in not sharing their day. and iowa jumped in for new hampshire so new hampshire sat on their hands. >> we didn't coordinate well enough, it sounds like. why don't you think you didn't get a call back from the secretary of state of nevada some of? >> i'm not sure. i know our governor spoke with him. he did not give our governor a specific date.
7:36 am
>> why is it important for new hampshire to have that attention of the candidates for a particular time frame? why is that so important to a state? >> well, you want them to come and participate, campaign. fund-raising only lasts for so long. you want to make sure that your state is a focus. we were prommed to be one of the four card out states this go around and i'm going to stick to it. >> any disservice you think you are doing to the voteres and your state because of some looking across the country, why can't they play nice together? you have at least five candidates saying they're they'll boycott your state. isn't that a detriment? >> it's a detriment to those candidates for boycotting the state. i think it would be very important for them to come. we are more than happy to have them still and i hope they change their mind. >> amy tarkanian and you're telling me it's not even on the table. >> no, it's not on the table. the executive board and myself, we're sticking to it.
7:37 am
>> thank you so much. i know it's a busy time for you, but thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. coming up at the bottom of the hour, we're going to talk to our friends on cnn saturday morning. we're going to talk to alina and maria and ask them about what is happening in this back and forth. there they are with those smiles on their faces. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money.
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well, it's 40 minutes past the hour on this cnn saturday morning. welcome to the las vegas strip and specifically the venetian hotel and casino, site of next week's presidential debate. cnn is hosting that debate. let's get into presidential politics right now with a couple of our good friends here on saturday and sunday morning. lenny mccall sister and maria cardona, cnn contributor, joining us, as well. good to see you both. i will not stray from how we do things here on saturday morning and i'll ask you first, what was your political highlight of the
7:41 am
week? you tell me first, maria. >> we you a saw the rise of cain, but the question is, is he able? t.j., you're in vegas. i wouldn't put my money on it. >> lenny, you've got work to do to top hers this morning. what was your political highlight? >> i may have to concede this one, but the bottom line is who is the joke on? the jobs bill, or the nevada gop? come find out or jon huntsman. >> all right. guys, let's get into this and i wonder if you were all able to hear my interview i just did with the het head of the gop out here in nevada. there is no way they are going to move the caucus this year in nevada from the 14th. that is going to be problematic for new hampshire. maria, some of these candidates are saying they're going to boycott the caucuses. what effect could this have now on the state and for the gop as a whole to have candidates
7:42 am
officially boycotting? >> well, i totally agree with your guest that it's not going to be a good thing for any of the candidates to boycott. you know, t.j., this is always part of the drama that happens as a run up to this process. we saw it in 20308 with the democrats, too, in moving florida and michigan. this is nothing new to the political parties. i do think it is critical for nevada to stand their ground. i have always been a fan of having states like nevada and south carolina move up in the calendar so that states like a wa and new hampshire aren't the only ones who have a say in who is picked as the front-runners. the reason for that is, as you know, iowa and new hampshire aren't necessarily representative from a diversity standpoint of what this nation looks like. so i think it is good for places like nevada and south carolina to have their say up front. but, you know, unfortunately, this creates the drama that we're seeing now.
7:43 am
>> lenny, do you think they need to hold their ground or play nice? >> i think they need to hold their grounds. las vegas has a 14.2% unemployment rate. when you're talking about areas that have more diverse, have huge unemployment rates and huge housing issues, you need candidates that will go in there and speak specifically to the voters and come with real solutions. one of the reasons we're seeing herman cain move up, everybody is talking about nine-nine-nine. if people can't come into these areas and talk about solutions, it's nothing more than a popularity contest. nevada wants to hear solutions because they know their residents are hurting. i think it's a good move from their aspect. >> lenny, maria, do you remember a time when lenny would come on every weekend and he would tell us that michele bachmann cannot win, they cannot get the gop nomination? well, let me ask you now, lenny, about herman cain and our latest
7:44 am
poll or polls, he's up there at 20%. he's right behind romney. can herman cain win? >> he probably has more of a chance than michele bachmann, but i think if anybody overtakes romney, if it's not perry, it's going to be newt gig rich. he's hiding in the weeds, but he's starting to gain momentum. i think people are going to start attacking herman cain's lack of elected office experience. the experience in the business world is great. how is it going to play out when you have to deal with iran, when you have to deal with israel? i think when it comes to that, when it goes back to who is going to be that main front-runner going into the first part of 2012, if it's not still romney, don't be surprised if newt gingerich passes both of these guys up. >> maria, do you believe newt is on the move as he just said, newt gingerich is on the move? also, you said in your political highlight, cain, is he able? being front-runner means you're
7:45 am
about to get a lot of scrutiny, a lot of attention. is he going to be able to with stand that? >> i don't think gingerich is on the rise. i think we have all seen sort of him come and go as a political candidate. people know him and clearly don't like him, i think, in terms of being presidential material sxp p. and in terms of herman cain, i agree with bachmann on that. nine-nine-nine is a good buzz word, but at the end of the day that plan is a regressive tax and middle class and working class voters will be the ones penalized about it. but i want to make an important point. i am looking forward to seeing what these candidates are going to do in terms of talking to latino voters. the problem with the gop is that there is no candidate who can win the white house without at
7:46 am
least 40% of the gop vote. no candidate comes even close to that. they are pulling at 18% or 19% with voters. this is critical and it's not something that today they are able to do. >> lenny and maria, thank you for that. good to see you both. lenny, something i would not have put my money on and that is maria saying she agreed with michele bachmann on anything. >> anything can happen in politics. >> good to see you both. good to see you both. looking forward to talking to you again next weekend. thanks so much. >> thanks, t.j. >> all right. i'll hand this back over to alina, but we'll have much more, of course, from the vegas strip and our special edition on cnn saturday morning. >> if smib can get that out of maria, you can, t.j. as the occupy wall street campaign goes gloeth global,
7:47 am
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the occupy wall street protests are getting bigger and going worldwide. and some big names are showing
7:50 am
up. get a load of this. wikileaks foubtder julian assange was in the middle of the crowd today in london. assange is lichg in eastern england and has to be home by 10:00 tonight to meet terms of his could you curfew. he's wanted to know for questioning in sweden over claims of sexual molestation. in san diego, meanwhile, police clashed with protesters who refused to leave a downtown plaza. at one point, officers used pepper spray to break up the crowds. more protesters in seattle, police in riot gear took away 41 people. the black smoke you're about to see is cars society fire in rome, furious about how politicians have handled the economic problems there. reuters is reporting about 100,000 demonstrators are
7:51 am
expected to rally in rome. an american icon, a civil rights leader and a father. as the nation prepare toes pay tribute to the reverend martin luther king jr. and memorial dedication tomorrow. two of his children tell cnn what it means to them. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. well, progressive gives megan discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver, and i get great service. meredith, what's shakin', bacon? they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve. now, that's progressive. call or click today. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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it's about eight minutes before the top of the hour. routine ma'am know grams. you may remember about two years ago when a government panel
7:53 am
recommended against it. today, elizabeth cohen takes a look at where things stand right now. >> it's been nearly two years since the u.s. preventive services task force told women in their 40s you don't necessarily need to get a mammograms. that recommendation drew all the of fire. we were wondering, two years later, are women in their 40s getting mammogramses? well, it turns out that many women in their 40s aren't. there was one study at the university of colorado hospital that found in the nine-month period following that recommendation, they saw 200 fewer women in their 40s coming in for mammogramses and they think it's because fewer doctors were recommending them. here is the bottom line for empowered patients. most groups still say women in their 40s should get mammogra mammogramses. you definitely should discuss this with your doctor. there's very little down side to getting a mammograms. there is a very small amount of
7:54 am
radiation and the possibility that they might turn up a false positive with that ma'am mow dpram. but other than that, not you negative in get ago ma'am lowe mow gram. back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you.
7:55 am
we're getting close to the top of the hour here on this cnn saturday morning. special edition coming to you from the vegas strip.
7:56 am
this weekend, thousands of people across the country are marching. the dedication of the the martin luther king memorial will take place tomorrow. this was originally scheduled to be dedicated back in august. now, it had to be postponed. why? hurricane irene. so earlier this week, martin luther king iii and his sister, bernice king, mlk's kids, talked to our fredericka witfield about their father's legacy and what this memorial means for them some 14 years this thing has been in the making. >> this particular mom monument took less time than most of them if not all of them, so i think that speaks volumes that we were able to move it along in that time period. but, you know, the irony is that his life span in terms of impact
7:57 am
in this world was just about 14 years. so there's some kind of parallel to the work that he did, as well. >> and you'll be able to see more of fredericka's interview with the king's children at noon eastern time today. also tonight, 7:30 eastern, something very special. that i'm looking forward to sharing with you all. an exclusive, emotional and rare interview. six members of martin luther king jr.'s inner circle. got them altogether in one place and that one place was the basement of historic ebenezer baptism church. please join me for freedom's foot soldiers tonight at 7:30 eastern time. cnn saturday morning continues in just a moment live from the las vegas strip.
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